October 2011

I am so pleased to be blogging for myself and also sending blog posts to

MakeItLegal and their blog too.

I have worked for medical cannabis legalization for over 20 years now and am still facing the same evil monster I was facing in the very beginning in the early 90’s, Big Pharma, and their Big Bucks.

It seems odd that in America, once the most respected country in the world, where the “power” in our country was with the people who actually had a say in how our government was run and its policies.

Now, we live in a client, more suited to Nazi Germany or what we were taught were the “evils” of the Russian government and their policies.

I hope America is able to recover from this shame and degradation of our world standing, but it will take a concerned effort by the people of this country to bring it right again.

We need to start by holding these elected officials feet to the fire and holding them accountable for their “campaign promises”. Which it seems they forget as soon as they are elected, but nevertheless, they promised if we voted for them they would do such and such and then forgot those promises. We have to hold them accountable and say, “You promised in your campaign for my vote, where are the results?”


Smoky Mountain Secrets, published!

Hello Everyone,

My book, “Smoky Mountain Secrets“, Folk Remedies for the Nature Lover, is now published and available for sale online.

Go to http:// www.outskirtspress.com/JeanMarlowe and purchase your copy today.

Then look at this blog for locations where I will be signing copies of the book for readers and come on out and get your copy autographed by the author.

Hope to see you at a book store, fair, festival or event near you soon!

Happy Memorial Day Holiday!

Hi Folks,

I am off for a special work/vacation trip this weekend. I am going to visit friends, lie by the heated pool, see an old friend I haven’t seen in years, and do a little bit of strategy planning while I am there.

I will be back home late in the week next week, filled with sunshine, good food, great vibes and thoughts in my head.

I hope you all enjoy a great holiday. I am meeting with a publicist for my book. Wish me luck!

DOWN TO THE WIRE! Be There if you Care!

June 7th, 9:30 am in the Auditorium of the Legislative Office Building, there will be a hearing and press conference regarding HB-577, the NC Medical Cannabis Act.

Rep. Kelly has asked all supporters of this bill to be in attendance. We are trying to show enough support to call for a House Vote on this bill. He is hoping for a standing room only crowd that spills out into the hallways. Show NC’s patients that you care about them and are compassionate to their suffering.

The number of supporters and patients in attendance will determine this bill’s chances of living on or dying in the Rules Committee.

Help us to help NC”s  sick and suffering patients and veterans.


Cover Art Finished!

Folk Remedies for the Nature Lover

Artist's Cover Art for book finished!

The cover art is finished and production is underway. We will begin the book signing tour in July.

If you would like to hold a book-signing event at your local library, bookstore or gift shop, please email me for scheduling.

We will begin advance sales of the book, (which will be personally signed by the author) in early June.

Stay Tuned for More Updates:

Production Underway & Artists at Work!

Things are  beginning to get exciting as my book travels through the production process.

Production is underway for “Smoky Mountain Secrets, Folk Remedies for the Nature Lover”.

The artists are at work on the cover art and production is underway.

Final edits will be made and we will get the author’s website ready and the Facebook page for the book ready.

We will be ready for advance sales for the book soon.

Stay tuned. Peace.

Fiscal Impact Study & 3 More Weeks—

The NC General Assembly did a Fiscal Impact Study on our bill which shows a minimum revenue projection from sales tax alone of 37 Million the first year and up to 42.5 Million within 5 years.

State output would be a maximum of $300,000 the first year and it would go down by approximately $20,000 and stay that way.

The study did not address job creation from this bill, but projections show at least 2,000 jobs will be created within the first year.

NC Citizens who see an industry in the medical marijuana market are anxiously waiting for this bill to pass. We would like to see these people become legitimate businesses in our state’s market place.

Sick and suffering patients want legal access to their medicine and don’t mind if the state taxes it.  In 16 other states and the District of Columbia, these patients would just be considered medical cannabis patients, yet in our home state, we are branded criminals by the very lawmakers that hold our dignity hostage.

Major and respected medical associations around the globe have endorsed cannabis medicines.

So what is NC lawmakers waiting on?

Thankfully, we have been given an extra 3 weeks to get our bill into the Senate and passed this year. Patients are dying for this change.